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    VSE 8.8 how to force HTTP update instead of contacting epo server for updates ?


        Hi there,

      our laptops have VSE 8.8 managed by EPO on it.

      I use epo to deploy new policies if needed.

      The users take the laptops with them, and connect to the web using a wired or wifi connection around the world

      They have a managed task: update at logon, 3h00am, run if missed. I tried different update tasks, all result in the same: no update is done, or an update is done after 11mins (last laptop i checked). The problem is: i can't force the HTTP update to be done in first place, only EPO update in first place: either eposerver or BackupRep can be moved to 1st or 2nd place, 3rd place then takes my HTTP.


      The problem is that people that take the laptop to a WIFI or ADSL connection, should be able to start the laptop, logon, wait a short time (like LESS than 2minutes), McAfee update starts (as the rule says "at logon"), and go. But I think the update tries desperately to contact the epo server, and only after huuuuge timeouts, it takes the 3rd possible update: HTTP, which then works, but only after such long time as 10mins.


      The problem wouldnt persist, if i was able to click on the M-Icon (tray icon), select the first option "update security", but no, it's grayed out for the time being, as long as (i suppose) McAfee tries to contact an update server.....




      2nd problem would be another story: McTray sometimes starts immediately, sometimes takes like 5minutes to appear in the tray/taskbar....


      I'm now trying out just a shortcut on the desktop that points to mcupdate.exe with the /update switch...but what a pity that the product isn't even able to put HTTP updates in first place, in front of contacting an epo server...


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