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    Firewall License Support Expiration



      I have an 8.3.0 firewall on a network that has Internet connectivity.


      This machine is due to expire with support soon. Can you advise what will happen if this machine is not renewed?


      I know that it cannot have any patches installed, but will it stop passing traffic once it goes past it's date and is out of support?


      It's not really economical to renew the support for this machine, so the plan is to just run it until it finaly fails?


      Can you advise if this is possible/allowed.


      Many thanks,


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          If support expires, you will not be able to install any patches, and that will include updates for Smartfilter, IPS, antivirus, appprism, and other signatures.


          A physical appliance will continue to pass traffic, and virtual machine may have issues due to it having to renew the license periodically.


          And of course you will not be able to contact Support.



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            Hello Matt,


            Many thanks for this.


            Can you advise what the license feature "Application" is for? I have this currently licensed and it shows active under the license details - not sure what it actually is though.


            I'm not currently using TrustedSource or any AV features.


            This is not a virtual machine if that helps.


            Many thanks,

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              Application is more than likely the Appprism updates. My understanding is that Application and Support need to be licensed to get Appprism updates. If you do not get Appprism updates, then the firewall may not be able to properly identify traffic and apply policy.