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    EEPCv7. What is "global user information"



      I have read product_guide for EEPC v700. I dont understand what is "global user information".

      Can anybody help me?

      May be I can add users, who may login to encrypted PCs through PBA ?



      From guide:


      Global users have read and write permissions to all operations. You can create additional global

      administrator accounts for people who require global administrator rights. Use this task to configure

      the user information fields available in Server Settings within EEPC.


      1 Click Menu | Configuration | Server Settings. The Server Settings page appears.

      2 Click Endpoint Encryption in Setting Categories pane, then click Edit. The Edit Endpoint Encryption page

      opens with General tab.

      3 Click Add next to the User Information Fields.

      4 Type the Question relating to the user, then select the required user attribute name from the LDAP

      Attribute Name list.

      LDAP refers to Windows Active Directory.

      5 Click + or ‑ in the interface to add or remove user information fields.

      6 Click Save.

      User information fields can be set by selecting the individual user in the EE User Query. To display

      the users, click Menu | Reporting | Queries | Shared Groups | Endpoint Encryption then click Run in EE:Users.