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    McAfee Installation failed

      Hi everybody,

                                    I tried to install McAfee Antivirus software which i download from the Mcafee account on windows XP SP3 machine with IE 8.  90 % looks like the antivirus software was successfully installed, but nearly completed stage, Its shows that McAfee installation was incomplete. I windows appears that try to install the McAfee technician, then i install and run the McAfee technician on the machine. But even McAfee Techinician also unable to installed.


                    Then i decided to reinstall the Mcafee antivirus software . then first i tried to uninstall  the incomplete mcafee software using MCPR tool provided by McAfee itself. But unexpectedly, MCPR also unable to start.

      What should i do....


          i attach the printscreen jpg file with this mail.


                         Please suggest. ASAP.