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    install agent on a target server  with Frmpkg.exe



      I have a system with a lot of servers.While some of my servers are in the domain and so directly can communicate with epo ; Some of  them are out of domain controller. And off course  they can not communicate with epo. I  wanted to communicate  them (which are out of dc) to EPO. And I created a frame package on epo and ran it on one of these servers . On the target server the Mcafee agent is installed successfully (And C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework exist),

      and also EPO was able to see this server under  lost&found . However, I do not see anything about mcafee agent on this target server.

      When I try to wake up agent for this target serve on epor, I am getting this error "The wakeup feature is not enabled on this agent ". I restarted it, but no way.

      What is the matter ? Is it an incorrect operation to try to set up agent via Frmpkg on the target server? Or what should I do for these ones?


      Thanks a lot,