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    MVM foundscore




      kindly note that i have multiple scans ( Servers. Workstations, Network devices , DMZ,.....) per country , all scans for the same country begins with country symbol ( i.e jo for jordan ) , where as i have 10 countries under MVM scope ......


      the problem is : in each country i have multiple foundscore but i want to find total foundscore /country  ................


      i have found a procedure but i dont know whether it is valid for this purpose .


      1- generate custom report .

      2- using recent data to find foundscore  but in the filter i have chosen scan name contains the country abbreviation - symbol  ( i.e. jo ) ....

      3- the resulted report countains a total foundscore but i dont know if it is the corrected one and the one that represents region-country foundscore .