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    (CVE-1999-0575) Microsoft Windows Process Tracking Audit Policy


      Hi Folks,


      I have a question regarding one of the checks that MVM Report me in a scan.


      The details are the followings;




      But we don't know how to remediate this in our server, this is the first time that this check came out. Any idea or guidence about this?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi aacordoba,


          That's a policy check... meaning the value is defined (as global admin) under:

          Manage > Policy.

          That script maps to the:

          Audit Detailed Tracking

          Policy setting within the various Windows OS's Policy's.

          If a target doesn't match what you've set (or the default if you've not changed it) then you will get a vulnerable result when you run any scans that have the Windows > Security Policy/Options category selected.


          I hope that helps!