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    Don't buy your McAfee subscription from Dell

      I have 2 Dell laptops - one I got about a year ago and another I just got (both purchased directly from Dell).   When I bought the laptop a year ago I bought a 1-year McAfee subscription.  When I bought the laptop last month I bought a 3-year McAfee subscription.  The subscription for the old laptop was due to expire and the cost to renew McAfee for another year was about $70.  I called McAfee and was told that, rather than renew the 1-year subscription, I could just add a license to my 3-year subscription for about $15 per year.


      After being on the phone for over an hour with McAfee customer service and technical support, they told me that because I had purchased my McAfee product directly from Dell - I could NOT just add a license.  Because I purchased McAfee directly from Dell I did NOT have that option.


      So bottom line is this - Do NOT buy your McAfee directly from DELL.  If you have more than one computer it is much more expensive that way.