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    ePO 4.6 vs 5.0

      Any 5.0 early adopters out there?  I'm trying to see if anybody is running into major issues with 5.0 in a large 2000+ user environments.  What issues are you seeing?




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          It's way too early to migrate on 5.0.

          Most of my software are not compatible yet.


          Have to wait

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            After migratiing my 20 systmes to ePO 5.0, only one thing that I would like to share


            VSE 8.8P2 on access scanner was disabled on all 20 machines even I updated their extensions but no luck.

            So I ran a client task to remove  and reinstall. now its fine.



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              I'm migrating a handful of our 4000+ clients to a separate ePO5 install for testing; so far I haven't hit any showstoppers.


              One issue I have noticed is I can no longer edit the queries under "McAfee Groups" in 5.0.  This is rather annoying since the default "VSE: 8.8 Compliance" query only shows compliant if the client does not have any hotfixes installed.  Is ePO 5.0 being retarded or am I?  I'd rather not have to duplicate the query to a shared group to fix it.

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                Could you check "show agent Log " option? and share your resuilts.mine shows a complete English written page.




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                  Yes, this is deliberate - it makes the queries work the same way that policies do, as in there's a default "root" query that can't be deleted. There were a number of situations where, accidentally or otherwise, people deleted the default queries, and had to either recreate them by hand or remove and re-check-in the extension, neither of which are particularly pleasant options.


                  HTH -



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                    My show agent log is working.  Mac agent logs are missing the big red header and column headings as on Windows clients, but that's really the only difference.  Windows agent logs look just like they did on 4.6. 

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                      Thanks for the response, Joe.


                      We have 3 tiers of desktop support in our organization where the first two tiers have fairly limited access in the ePO console.  Department admins have access to their OU computers imported from AD and must tag systems if they wish to push agents/antivirus or reschedule client tasks based on needs -- everything is handled via server tasks and tag processing. 


                      One permission that the lower level techs do not have (and will not) is the ability to modify the system tree.  Is there any reason that the ability to push an agent to a machine requires the "Edit System Tree groups and systems" permission?  


                      I did find https://community.mcafee.com/ideas/1330 but it appears the feature was never implemented. 


                      It would just be nice for people to be able to push agents immediately if needed rather than waiting for the hourly scheduled task to push to tagged systems. 

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                        Do you have any workaround for my above mentioned issue ?Show agent log page shows a complte english written page in ePO 5.0 upgraded from 4.6.6.



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                          Alexn, this issue is for IE, you must to add to Trusted Sites that Agent log, and to enable the compatibility mode, with Mozzilla does not have that issue.



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