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    Installation Total Protection 2013 not Possible


      Hi there.

      First of all sorry my Englisch is not so good, I`m a German User so please don`t want to offend.


      I have a brand new Computer with Win 8, after downloading the Mc Affee Total Protection 2013 with the Link sent per E-Mail, I tried to Start Installation. Mc Affee opens a Window and starts a Scan of the Computer, after a little Wihle there is a Sign I try to translate now : " Problem since Cleaning from Treatment " after this there is a new Window with standing How I can fix those Problems and there is a Link to the Support Site.


      What I can`t understand is the Computer is new and there can`t be any Problem with a Virus or Malware, also no other Virusprogramm is installed, only Win 8 Defender is activated and the Win 8 Firewall. I also tried to instal Virtual Technican but it also does not work, there opens a Window with standing Mc Affee Website is not available Check your Internet Connection. But the Internet Connection is ok.


      Now it`s Weekend and I hope someone maybe can help or I have to wait till Tuesday and try to call the Support.





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