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    McAfee Security Scan Unavailable, constant pop-up




      I get constantly get a pop-up message saying McAfee Security Scan Unavailable.

      "We cannot check your security status now necause your PC is not connected to the internet or the McAfee Security Scan is temporarily unavailable. Please connect to the internet and Click Retry, or try again later".

      I get two options; Retry or Cancel. No matter which one I pick, the same thing happens, which is nothing at first, but then the pop.up returns. Repeat indefinately.


      I am connected to the internet.

      All other McAfee functions operate normally.


      In the Windows Task Manager, I get a mcuicnt.exe that is causing the pop-ups.


      The most annoying part is that I cannot work on my PC normally because the process mentioned above keeps deactivating the window I am working in.


      I tried the Virtual Technician and it comes up with two errors which I'm not sure are related to this issue.

      They are as follows:

      SiteAdvisor, 2.8.304

      1 process incorrect: C:\program files\mcafee\siteadvisor\McSaCore.exe


      McAfee Home Network, 6.1.136

      Product update required.


      I am not using SiteAdvisor and McAfee is fully updated.


      I am running on Windows XP fully updated.


      Any advice?



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