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    How long should a virus scan take?

      I have about 200,000 files on my PC. I'm running XP. And it takes 4-5 hours to run a virus scan. Is that about right? Or is there something that I can do to speed it up?
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          I administer 10000 workstations running Mcafee VSE 8.5 (the business version) and for an on demand scan with all options checked at (30% CPU) I expect 3-4 hours for a full scan (they are not in use when scan takes place).
          These systems dont have 200000 files, maybe 30000 to 50000 max on XP. For 200000 files 4-5 hours even at 100% CPU is very reasonable, you may want to set your scans to run overnight when you are not using them or lower the cpu usage and run them over a longer period.