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    Events with "Agent was unable to send advanced details"


      Has anyone ever experienced events with the advanced parameter displaying the error "Agent was unable to send advanced details - too much data to display"?  Here is a sample event below. Is anyone aware of the underlying issue that causes this message to be displayed?



      Server ID:XXXX
      Event Received Time (UTC):3/7/13 6:58:41 PM
      Event Generated Time (UTC):3/7/13 5:36:38 PM
      Agent GUID:408CEF64-8754-462B-8D67-198B15C4B06F
      Detecting Prod ID (deprecated):HOSTIPS_8000
      Detecting Product Name:McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention
      Detecting Product Version:8.0.0
      Detecting Product Host Name:XXXXX
      Detecting Product IPv4 Address:XXXXXX
      Detecting Product IP Address:XXXXXXXXXXXXX
      Detecting Product MAC Address:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      DAT Version:
      Engine Version:
      Threat Source Host Name:
      Threat Source IPv4 Address:XXXXXXXXXXXX
      Threat Source IP Address:XXXXXXXXXXXX
      Threat Source MAC Address:
      Threat Source User Name:domain\user
      Threat Source Process Name:C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE
      Threat Source URL:file:///C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE
      Threat Target Host Name:XXXXXXXXXXXX
      Threat Target IPv4 Address:XXXXXXXXXXXX
      Threat Target IP Address:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      Threat Target MAC Address:XXXXXXXXXXXXX
      Threat Target User Name:
      Threat Target Port Number:
      Threat Target Network Protocol:
      Threat Target Process Name:
      Threat Target File Path:
      Event Category:File system
      Event ID:18000
      Threat Severity:Information
      Threat Name:4001
      Threat Type:read,execute
      Action Taken:Permitted
      Threat Handled:false
      Analyzer Detection Method:




      ePO Reachable True
      Executable file description WINDOWS EXPLORER
      Executable fingerprint 8b88ebbb05a0e56b7dcc708498c02b3e
      In Trusted Network Unknown
      Subject Organization Name MICROSOFT CORPORATION
      Warning Note Agent was unable to send advanced details - too much data to display.
      Workstation Name XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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