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    setup is unable to access UDP port 1434 ePo 5.0 upgrade error


      Hi All,


      I am having a strange issue in my virtual environment while upgrading to ePO5 5.0.


      1.I ran product compatibility utility.

      2.With same util;ity I created Migrate.zip file.

      3.Removed previous version of ePo 4.6.6.(Because Migrate utility wont run if previous version is still on the syatem, So I removed with DB as well.

      4.Again I ran Product compatibility tool and migrated migrated.zip file successfully.

      5.I ran ePO 5.0 setup file and encountered this errorr.


      Now I dont have any SQL installed where I could see browser service ot TCP\IP settings of SQL, Epo 5.0 is picking everything from previous migrated file and taking SQL port 1219 that I had on my previous version of ePO.


      Now any one can help me how I will fix this port issue, while i dont have SQL installed and ePO 5.0 setup is taking all info from migratedfile.