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    Doing a Disk copy with Safeboot installed

      We are currently using Safeboot endpoint encyrption. We just want to upgrade the harddrives of our laptops from HDD to SDD. We can run the full disk copy bootable application and copy the disk but when you go to boot from the new disk, it says that Safeboot is corrupted? Is there something different we need to do? Don't really want un-encrypt every drive just to do a disk copy upgrade.

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          You'll have to do the copy at file level from within Windows, or make sure you do a binary copy in a way that does not move sectors.


          If you're using v5 though, you won't get much benefit out of SSDs - to get the performance advantage maybe this is a good time to upgrade to EEPC7 with near-native AES-NI performance and fast initial crypt?