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    Modify task in 'multiple' systems




      Does anyone know how to do Modify Tasks on 'Multiple' Systems on ePO 4.5. I would like to configure a deployment task on few machines after I queried the report.


      Thank you,




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          That is not posible. You can however work with client task that are assinged using a tag.

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            Attila Polinger



            to my best knowledge there is no way to modify tasks on multiple systems, but there is a way to run actions on queries.


            Could you elaborate exactly what your intention is (i.e. that you would like to see happen) and we're inventing something for you :-)



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              Hi Attila,


              I was trying to upgrade VSE on hundreds of machine. I ran the query to get report of machine with old version of VSE. But from that report page, I cannot run deployment task for all of them.


              As Jeffrey said, so I applied Tag with those machines and create another task to deploy it. I guess this is the best way out.


              I will have to try and see how would it be when I start doing this in real live environment.


              Thank you both.


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                Attila Polinger

                Hi Mo,


                practically you can run deployment tasks without caring whether it is needed or not, because if VSE needs a major upgrade (8.7 to 8.8 for example), the task would only run if it is necessary (we speak of major versions, not minor versions, for that a product (i,.e. not a patch) deployment task is not enough).


                And running a deployment task until it realizes that there is nothing to do takes really several seconds or  just a few minutes on the client. A more intelligent solution is what Jeffrey suggested, but please check if you set tagging to occur at every ASCI or just once and whether clients fixed will  be removed the tag from.






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