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    Trojan Removed pops up every 10 seconds

      Every 10-15 seconds mcafee pops up and says


      Trojan Removed

      Mcafee detected and automatically removed a Trojan from your PC. No further action is required


      About This Trojan

      Detected: Generic Backdoor.aam

      Quarantined From: C:\\Windows\InstallDir\Server.exe


      I get this ever 15 seconds


      I tried downloading and running the stinger but it is still doing it what do I do?


      Also one time it did a pop up about some kind of RDN trojan or something getting removed but the pop up went away too fast and was replaced by the Generic Backdoor.aam one before I could write it down.


      I don't know what to do I am clueless about this kind of thing