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    How can I prevent metro tiles being created for mcafee products on Windows 8



            we are in the very early stages of getting together a windows 8 enterprise image.  and will have the Mcafee 4.8 agent packed into the image, and will be deploying all other products via ePO.


      when installing VSE 8.8p3 from ePO (currently 4.6.4)  via a deployment task, it created 3 tiles on the desktop, and i am being asked not to have them install tha way.


      I do not have an issue with the icons in the system tray, as they can be controled via the various ePO policy settings.


      The question to the forum I have is,  How can I prevent the McAfee icons from being created on the Metro desktop...



      Am I able to have a command in the deployment taks that prevents the creation of the icons..


      The products that  I have seen this on so far are:


      VSE 8.8 P3


      Deep Defender 1.6 BETA



      my EPO is 4.6.4,  but will be upgraded to ePO 5.0 in the next few weeks.