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    McAfee constantly asks to restart the laptop to install updates--Windows 7

      I'm having trouble on my laptop with it constantly asking to restart to install McAfee updates. 

      The laptop is running Windows 7. 

      I have a license to install McAfee on two computers, and it is installed on my desktop as well. 

      The desktop recently crashed the hard drive, and I had to re-install all the software at that time. 

      I installed McAfee on the laptop a little while afterwards, and it did give a warning that I was installing on too many computers. 


      The laptop had used symantec before, and I uninstalled symantec before installing McAfee.


      The desktop never asks to be re-started to install updates.  The desktop is still running Windows Vista SP2.


      Can someone help me resolve the laptop issue without messing up my desktop?