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    'Read Only' permission on ePO console




      I'm now looking on ePO to create an account with 'Read Only' permission for a person who want to see configuration on ePO console. I have tried many option but it seems doesn't really work.


      Is there any document to show how to do it properly?


      Thank you,


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          Attila Polinger



          there are a number of Reviewer roles for this purpose when defining a new user (in that property page).

          In addition, if you elect to create a new role you can play with Permissions (per product) and you can choose if the role can Edit or just View a given property.


          If this is one you have already tried but failed, please elaborate what you specifically are after. Thanks.



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            Hi Attila,


            Thank you for your advice. I've just start taking over of ePO. I found there are a ton of groups in th system. I'm now trying to learn what had been done previously.


            Anyway, do you know how different betwen 'No permissions' and 'View Settings'? In my case, should I change them to 'View Settings' instead?screenshot.4.jpg

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              Attila Polinger

              Hi Monarak,


              No permission prevents you from opening a given config pane or going to a given property page and View Settings mimics as if you could do anything but when you want to "Save" your work, it says you can't.


              It is your decision if you allow somebody else to "see" what is set or not.

              Be aware that you may need to revise the Permissions as soon as you install new extensions (maybe when upgrade, too), because then by default No Permission may apply to them for non-admin users.



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                That was awesome. Thank you for your kind explain. It was very helpful.