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      On Friday, I got the trojan Medfos.ak and it has rendered my laptop completely unusable. McAfee was running and notified me.  It then completely failed at removing it.  Not very happy.

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          Did you reboot? This needed to reome some viruses. that said this seems a bit hard to clear up that is what sime of the links I found imply.


          Try running stinger getsusp and malwarebytes(free version only as paid version clashes) and see what they say.

          McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


          I have asked a virus tech to comment.

          Ensure java and all adobe programs are updated


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            Any additional details about the symptoms you can provide will help. Screenshots are great too.


            The tech is unfamiliar with that trojan so can you elaborate re symptoms etc?


            Did the other tools show anything?

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              Please have a look at the artikel below:



              That is a guide to remove the malware.

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                Thank you, Jeffery!  I had already sent my laptop to my IT Department, but I'm convinced by the thoroughness of this article that it would have completely gotten rid of Medfos.  Am I expecting too much that a Virus Program should PREVENT these kinds of attacks, or at least be able to completely REMOVE them?  Perhaps there's no one product that completely protects?  If there was, the malicious (evil) people would probably just find a way around it.  In fact, they probably read the article you recommended, and tried to figure a way around that.  Anyway, THANK YOU!

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                  NP, but NO anti virus program can protect you against every piece of malware.

                  In fact, no one should no longer just relay on the virusscanner, but see it as part of your complete security of your computer system and within that security system, your anti virus is your last line of defense.