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    SaaS to EPO migration

      Have migrate all SaaS machines to an EPO server. Why is a wake for these machines failing? Are thre differen ports that need to be opened?

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          I've moved the question to the Business section, and put it (provisionally ) under SaaS Endpoint Protection.

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            Could you confirm what do you mean by migrating to ePO? Do you have McAfee Agent installed on them? Could you also confirm if the the Machines are listed under System Tree and if the status is "Managed"




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              I am not really sure how to go about migrating/transferring from the SaaS management style to the EPO management of the desktops. All of the PCs show up in System Tree and they all show managed. I am curious about how the PCs phone home for updates though. What ports, etc? Probably need to do some tweaking of current firewall proxies, packet filters.

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                We currently do not have any tools to help us with a migration(typically remove the SaaS agent).


                We would need to manually remove SaaS agent and then go about deploying MA on the the machines. The MA installed on the machines take care of the updating part of the VSE installed on the PCs. This happens through the communication port that MA uses to communicate ePO Server(https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB66797)


                I hope your queries are about setting up the DAT updates. You will need to schedule Pull task on the ePO Server to ensure the ePO is up-to-date with current DATs on a daily basis.


                Please refer Master article for any assistance (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB71037).




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                  This is what i was afraid of. I have 1388 PCs with Mcafee SaaS. I want to get away from this and use EPO for this very reason. It seems to be much easier to push updates and manage aas a whole rather than having to manually remote into every machine in the field. So much for this being an easy fix.

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                    As far now SaaS do not  have the option which ePO is provided with. We will post this to our engineering/development team to see if this could be included in future releases, but we dont have a specific ETA on this.




                    Vivek Natarajan


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