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    Problem with EETech 7.0 and WinPE




      with EETech form version 6.x i create a WinPe3 CD with WINBUILDER and a ISO file form the standalone cd. Then it was possible to start both with ISOLINUX  bootmanager form a usb-stick.


      I try the same with EEtech 7.

      and have the following problems:


      - When i try to start the EETECH-Stanalone ISO form usbstick EETech "hang" when i click to the "Token" button or when i try to load a xml-File // If i burn the same ISO to a CD it works without problems....


      - The same problem with WinPE3 CD created by winbuilder - wenn  click to the "Token" button or when i try to load a xml-File eetech hang's - the PECD shows this behavior when i start form usbstick and also wenn i burn the ISO to a CD. I try also to build the Winbuilder CD as "boot from Ram" and  "standart" - both with the same issue. Then i tryed to create a winpe4 cd with winbuilder - same error. When i create a Standart Microsoft WinPE3-CD (Mcafee description) works fine ......


      As mentioned befor, the PE3-CD createn an the start with isolinux works fine with EETech 6.x.


      Does anyone know this problem, or have a tip to solve?


      Thanks for help



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          Hey Marc,


          I had the same problem and found that it had to do with a reg entry  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\pe3\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4D36E967‑E325‑11CE‑BFC1‑080 02BE10318}] And the Muli-String value UpperFilters was set as follows UpperFilters = "PartMgr MfeEpePC". But found in the eetech documentation called to have this set like this UpperFilters = "MfeEpePC PartMgr". After I changed this setting it worked. Hope this helps.


          William Bond

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            Hi William,


            great tip, that was the problem.

            I've checked my entries many times and did not see the issue


            Many Thanks for your help