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    McAfee Webgateway Citrix GoToMeeting

    Rene Moj

      we are having troubles when starting Citrix GoToMeeting Webcam-Sharing. The proxy uses NTLM authentication and I'm afraid the citrix webcam module doesn't support a proxy with authentication. If I try to activate the cam I just see the message "Contacting server" and thats all. I turned on debug logging and saw that authentication doesn't work. Normally I would put the User Agent or URL host to the global whitelist, or just would say, that authentication should be skipped for this user agent/ url host/or domain, but the module doesn't send any User Agent and it tries to contact a lot of different IP Adresses.

      Furthermore I turned on the GoToMeeting wizard to check the connection and it always stops by showing a message, that the proxy needs my credentials, if I type them in, the same message appears again. So authentication fails.


      Did anyone have this problem before?