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    ePO 4.6.5 logon screen errors


      Hi there.

      Can anyone help me to solve my problem?


      Today i opened my ePO. Maybe some updates was installed i don't know cause we have WSUS deployed on network.


      And there some errors. I had read many discussion on many communities and there some hints:

      MySQL connects perfect and work 100%.

      db.properties is correct too

      no mysql login errors appear


      What i gona do now to fix that?

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          i forgot! logon works perfect too. dashboard work.


          there is my extension errors


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            From the look of the error message, ePO cannot find one (or possibly more) of the extensions that it needs. (In this case it looks like an extension called Response, which is one of the core extensions.)

            This can be caused by a number of things - a problem in the database, or the filesystem: there are three things that need to all be correct for an extension to load. I would suggest opening a case with Support for this as they will need to go through and check that the DB and filesystem are all correct.


            HTH -