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    Automatic E-Mail Response for "VSE Deployment Complete" on Serversystems. Anyone a Clue? ePO 4.6.5


      Hi there,


      we have several automatic E-Mailrespondings for differnet actions/events have taken place. Like EEPC installation or remote recovery complete, Product Deplomenttasks etc but they are all for Workstations ("Clients" as they get named within the automatic response menü). They all are working fine but now Im trying to build just one simple E-Mail Answer for:


      EventID 2411

      OS-Platform Server

      ProductCode Virusscan Enterprise

      Initiator-Type DeploymentTask

      Errorcode Deployment/Update complete (why is this named "Errorcode" by the way?^^)


      Guess what? I am not able to configure this simple response properly...


      Of Course I can configure it for just asking wether or not the EventID has taken place but this is not the way I want to go. I would like to have a dedicated response for Server VSE Deployments and if I configure this response not via Client Event but Server Event it is still not working. Same for "Bedrohung" EventTyp. Clearly I can use only the EventID (and yes, thats working as it should) but I just want to have the EventID 2411 for Server installations.

      Before responding please try this one for yourself with ePO 4.6.5 - I am sure, you will get the same results.


      At the moment we are collecting EVERY ID due to the test character of the ePO Installation and within the Dashboards I can see the Event but as mentioned...no E-Mail for that reaches the dedicated E-Mailaccount (connection tested via Testmail). Anyone a clue for that?