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    Add customized legal disclaimer banner to EEPC 7.0 PBA screen?


      I noticed an issue where with SSO, the computer stops at our Windows legal banner screen before it logs into Windows.

      The issue with this is that when the computer is at the state, it does not appear to be affected by our screensaver time out policy or power settings policy.

      So, if the user entered their PBA credentials, then got distracted and walked away, the computer would hang indefinitely in a state where there is no screen lock.  Anyone who walks by can just click OK the login banner and have full access to the PC even if the user had been away for hours.

      One solution I can see is to this other than removing either the banner or disabling SSO is to add the legal banner notice text to the McAfee PBA screen and remove the prompt from Windows.

      Is there any way to add banner text to the EEPC 7.0 screen?