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    Dual Boot and Licence

      Questions regarding McAfee AntiVirus Plus:


      I have two partitions (dual boot) on my pc and want to know, if I can protect the ONE physical machine with ONE license?

      Advanced similar questions. What happens once is use a virtual machine (i.e. virtualbox) on the same physical machine.


      What I learned is, that the computer name of the PC (operating system) will be displayed in the license overview within my personal account on Mcafee. I used different computer names for my dual boot systems, which maybe the reason for that.


      I need any feedback/help there. The tec guy of McAfee couldn’t help me there so I hope the community etc. can support here


      Thanks for any feedback

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          I think each installation is regarded as one license but Tech Support is not the right place to ask, you need Customer Service for that.


          I moved this to My Account Online for better attention.


          I multi-boot Vista, 7, 8 and even an XP VM and each one shows as a separate license.


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