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    WebGateway topology


      Hi Guys,

      We are in process of evaluating the webgateway appliance within our enterprise. and somehow we have some ocncerns about our topology and security.


      I will explain in brief what are our concerns


      1- We need the webgateway to filter all the Web trafic for all the users

      2- we have users with MAC

      3- we have pcs that uses DHCP, WIFI, Fixed IP


      What would be the best practice to redirect all the users to the webfilter as obrigation? knowing that MAc users cannot configure a manual proxy within there machine.

      and the default gateway within all machine is our first router.



      Can i put the webgateway as a default gateway for everyone?

      And what if the user sends a traffic with any diffrent port that the gateway supports? how the gateway treats these packages?


      What will happen if i put a firewall between teh users and teh webgateway and let teh firewall decide where to send the packages based on port numbers etc...

      does the gateway in this case regognize who sent the request?? (reports per user/ip are important for us)

      HOw the gateway deals with these diffrences? Pc with proxy set manual or through group policy and machines without proxy?


      Appreciate your help.