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    mfehidk.sys BSOD 0x9f VSE 8.8 Patch 2


      Hello community,


      I hope that you can help me. A customer has got this Bluescreen problems quit often.

      OS: Windows SBS 2008

      VSE 8.8 Patch 2


      The only thing I can say regarding this issue is that the server seems to be running slower from time to time and file access is very limited. Then - after about 1/2 day - the customer reboots the server because some application might be affected of this issue (maybe databases or SMB access). The reboot process is not successfull. When the customer is not switching the server off - so if the customer waits for a long time (about 30 minutes) the bluescreen occures.

      The windows log might show some timeout messages from VSE McShield service before (1/2 day before).


      Attached there is a analysis from the memory.dmp. I have totaly non idea left what to do. I hope that you can help me.



      It happened before updating to Patch 2 aswell.


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