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    Internet Explorer will not Launch

      I'm looking for assistance.  I'm a computer tech.  Currently unemployed, but that's not important.  I have a friend who is having a problem with his IE. 


      He tries to launch IE, (I believe it's IE 7 and Windows XP), and it flashes but then goes to a screen saver.  This just started yesterday.  Now, not being near his location, but will be traveling their tomorrow.  Since this is a new problem, or at least one I haven't heard, I'm wondering if it may be a virus. I had him go to Task Manager>Processes to see if iexplore was active. I didn't find odd running in the backgrownd either.  I found nothing, so far.  Any thoughts on this?  I will also be helping him select a new computer and backing up his current system, but if it has a virus, that is something of which I want to be aware.  I need assistance ASAP.  Anybody know or have ideas about this problem?  I'm stumped on this one until I get ideas and/or sit infront of the machine itself. 


      All ideas and thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.



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          It could be an infection, in which case try some suggestions in the last link in my signature below.   More likely it's simply corruption.  There is a Microsoft Fixit solution here:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/318378


          Once you sort it out I suggest upgrading to IE8 as it is safer.


          You might want to also post on a Windows help forum.


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            Thank you, kind Sir.


            When I see him tomorrow, I'll check that out.  However, should I download the install to my computer, as he does not have access to the Internet?  What would it take to get it onto his computer.  At work, we had a standard install disks for all the clients (well...as standard as we could...).  That is not the case here.  He also is having the same problem on his laptops.  I'll also be speaking with his ISP to see if there is a problem on their end.  However, given the behavior, you may be right in thinking it just corrupted, or an infection.


            I'll let you know once the problem has been identified, correct, or he gets a new computer. 


            At your service,



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              There's nothing stopping you taking the IE8 installer over on a USB stick, but having no access to the Internet, how can he determine that his browser isn't working or keep his machine up to date?


              That's a major problem in my opinion, he needs to access the Internet and a connection is required for much of the software and many parts of the system to function properly anyway.

              McAfee for instance can't operate without an Internet connection.

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                There are several free alternatives in the last link in my signature.  No need for paid virus removal unless someone wants it dealt with speedily and is prepared to pay for that convenience.