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    Upgrading to LATEST ePO




      We're currently on v4.6.0 - Ver and the latest is v4.6.0 - Ver, we're about 2 versions behind; can we do a direct upgrade or do we have to upgrade to v4.6.0 - Ver first? Also, regarding the McAfee Agent, does it also automatically get upgraded once we upgrade the ePO?


      Thanks in advance for help.



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          You can upgrade directly from ePO 4.6.3 to 4.6.5.


          Your agents will remain unchanged, but 4.6.5 will be able to continue to manage your existing clients. You can upgrade your Agent version separately.


          In general, the McAfee Agent and the ePO console do not upgrade in sync, and even if they do, one is not dependent on the other.