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    File Blocking Using Access Protection


      I want to prevent users from copying MP3 files from a network share to their local workstation drives. I know how to block one drive on the computer or the file all together. But if I block the file, that blocks it from being saved to the network share as well.


      Right now I have something like this.

      Rule Name:

      MP3 Blocking


      Processes to include:



      Processes to exclude:




      File or folder name to block:



      Read access to files (unchecked)

      Write access to files (unchecked)

      Files being executed (unchecked)

      New Files being created (checked)

      Files being deleted (unchecked)


      I want to block mp3's from being copied to both C drive and D drive. But I want them to still have the ability to save them to the network share. The way I have it above only blocks for C but writing to D and the network is still doable. I can't have them saving to D either.




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