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    Firewall keeps turning off!




      My McAfee firewall keeps turning off after windows update. I am using Windows 7. My windows firewall seems to be working. I've also checked services, and windows firewall and Base filtering engine looks 'started' and 'automatic'. I've tried the virtual technian, but it said "McAffe Virtual Technician cannot check your computer - Cannot find McAfee products on your system..." How is that possible? I can see my McAfee showing as "Your computer is at risk".


      Could you please help me to solve this problem? How can I turn my McAfee firewall on again?

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          It's possible that MVT can't find products if they come from a 3rd party supplier such as your ISP or your computer-maker.  They re-label them often so it fools the software.


          1st make sure that Windows 7 is totally up to date in all aspects, including Internet Explorer, which should be IE10, plus make sure it's add-ons are up to date.  McAfee uses IE for functionality so ensure it is at its default settings.


          Try uninstalling everything McAfee via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program.


          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.  If it fails to remove everything run it a second time, reboot.


          Go to your online account and install your software again.


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            Nehal Jojo Jacob

            Hi cango,   " I have sent you a private message asking for some details, kindly reply me back with the details "