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    Cover Question


      Im a techno neanderthal

      So have pity

      Im about about to buy Mc Afee's 1 year, 3 computer protection. Each of my families 3 computers have differing expiry dates. My new laptop will require immediate cover.

      Q:  Will I have to cover these 3 simultaneously, or can I wait until the other 2 expire ?


      Many thanks



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          Peter M

          The license goes from the date of purchase, so the new software will expire simultaneously on all 3.


          In other words, it doesn't matter when you install it.




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            Peter M

            Sorry, post amended. not sure if you were already looking at it.

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              Peter M

              I'm sorry I think I made a mistake in my first answer - duly amended.   If in real doubt the final answer would come from Customer Service, a free phone call or online chat, and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                You have 3 licenses to install, so you can install the McAfee in one of the machine which needs immediate coverage


                If requires you can install the McAfee in all the 3 machines at the same time , or you can wait and install the McAfee in the other 2 PC’s


                All the 3 licenses will expire at the same time because it is a package 


                To get a clear information you may also call customer service as per peter’s suggestion


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