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    McShield Service Pauses (Event 7036) with Patch 5 installed?




      I noticed that a handful of our servers (Windows 2008 SP2 x64 and 2008 R2) are having an issue where the McShield service will pause for about an hour, then turn back on.  I'm not sure what is causing it, and I came across this article:




      It seemed to describe my problem perfectly, except that the perscribed fix is to install patch 3, and the servers in question are already using 8.7i Patch 5.  Does anyone else know what would continue to cause this problem on servers that are already up to patch 5?




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          Attila Polinger



          first question is did you restart those servers after patch install? (I believe you did so this was just a "make sure" type of question).


          Also please to exclude any illegitimate moves behind the pausing, please check (and set if missing) the Prevent stopping of McAfee services checkbox in the Access Protection (and together please enable all McAfee files and settings related protection in the Access Protection categories (inlcuding Prevent hookups of McAfee processes)) and make a restart again (if any malware is present that will clear it from memory and if it reloaded next time, these rules were in place already.)


          If pausing continues after all these, then I'd say there is still a legitim reason behind the pause (or a issue - maybe you should then reinstall the patch ).



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            Thanks for chipping in!  These servers have been restarted many times since the patch install, and each of them have the 'Prevent McAfee services from being stopped' box checked.  I have not yet tried to uninstall and reinstall the patch.  Before I do that, does anyone else have any other ideas?