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    Testing out 7.3 but remain on 7.2 in production


      Hi folks,


      I'd like to start the process of migrating from 7.2 to 7.3.  My plan was to do the following:


      1) Install 7.2 in our VMWare ESXi environment

      2) Join it to the "cluster" in order to pull down all of the shared policies and config

      3) Remove it from the "cluster"

      4) Upgrade to 7.3

      5) Test


      Is it possible to skip those steps, install 7.3 directly, and then either join it to the cluster or bring in an exported config backup?


      My assumption is that neither of those options will work, and that the initial 5 steps I listed are the recommended method.  I'm also assuming that you can't have 7.2 and 7.3 running in the same cluster at the same time.



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          Jon Scholten

          Hi clausonna!


          You can just install 7.3 (or which ever version), then import a backup (from 7.2 -- policy only), this would be a bit easier than what you listed there. Backups are always backwards compatible, generally not forwards compatible.


          I would not recommend installing 7.3, and joining it to an older cluster (7.3 to 7.2).


          It is definitly OK to join same version nodes together (7.3 to 7.3).