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    Mcafee Epolicy 4.5 vse install problem

      Hi All


      bit of a noob here, ive been thrown in the deep end we are currently running Mcafee Epolicy manager 4.5, we are going to upgrade but holding fire for time being. im a junior in a school and ive been asked to familiarise myself with the EPO and ive created group in the my organisation, for the computer room im experimenting with, ive added the same policys and the repositry info as required i know this is all ok, i assign the agent and it picks up on pc but all the other options are greyed out in the taskbar in mcafee but says its managed and you can see it comminicating through the mcafee status monitor but picks up no vse install ive tried removing the agent and deleting from epo and still nothingits hit and miss sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt,they are all set up in the same way with the same policies so makes no sense. any help would be appreciated