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    Win 7 Lenovo laptop w/ docking station won't get to pre-boot when docked


      Interesting little situation here. There's a Lenovo L412 laptop with Windows 7 (sp1) and all the latest updates on it. EEPC 6.1 was pushed onto it, and when deployed to the user's desk with a docking station it will not boot to the pre-boot authentication. You get a BIOS splash screen with the pretty Lenovo logo and all, but nothing after that, on either the laptop or the monitor plugged into the docking station.  Remove the laptop from the dock and it boots to the EEPC login screen just fine, and at that point you can plug it back into the dock.


      Here's my theory/guess:


      Since the Pre-Boot Authentication is essentially a veryscaled-down Linux (?) OS (~20 megs worth) I’m thinking that it doesn’t know how to deal with the docking station, I.E. there might be more advanced USB/PCIe features that are not being addressed (that would be fine with Windows) when plugged into the docking station.


      I haven't tried this yet, but my plan is this:


      1. Plug the machine into the docking station
      2. Boot it, wait a long enough time until I'm 100% positive the machine would normally be sitting at the encryption login.
      3. Carefully type in the user ID and hit enter
      4. Carefully type in the password and hit enter


      If it comes up to Windows, my theory/guess is correct.



      Anyone have any further ideas?