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    Best practice? Moving ePO 4.6 from one server to another


      We are planing to move our ePO server from an old windows 2003 server (32 bit) to a new, virtual 2008 r2 (x64) machine.

      It seems that there are different methods available to perform this migration and I'm not sure which one to choose.


      a) Backing up the database, programm directories and restore everything on the new server, which must have the same hostname as the old one.

      b) Install the new one server, export and import all the required policies, systems, and so on.


      Right now, we used the subnet-mask to group the clients in ePO, however, we would like to use AD-Sync in future. Is it possible to perform migration b) and instead of exporting the clients, we just import them from the AD?


      What is the official way to do such a migration?


      Thanks a lot and kind regards