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    EPO 4.6 Install Help

      Hello All


      I am stuck at what can only be considered the first hurdle. 


      I am installing EPO 4.6 as an eval in a windows server 2008 environment. 


      When running through the guided configuration I get to the "Software Selection" to check in the software that I need.


      For some reason it is only showing "Mcafee Endpoint Encryption for MAC 6.2", when I need the windows version.

      Can anyone explain why I am not getting the windows version of EEPC?


      p.s. I am very new to this.


      Kind Regards


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          In the screenshot I see that ePO is asking to enter the license key. Did you enter the license key  (Menu->configuration->server settings->license key).


          Is the server task 'Download Software Product List' running succesfully?

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            Hi Hem


            That explains that.  I thought as it was an eval copy it would include everything, not so.  I put our licence key in and everything has appeared now and I can check in what I need now.


            Thankyou for your help, it is much appreciated.

            Many Thanks