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    OFFLINE ACTIVATION EEPC 7.0:Machine showing in LOST&FOUND and users has been removed when its connected with ePO server

    Sathish L

      i'm testing one of my client machine for offline activation using EEPC 7.0.Activation has been completed sucessfully ,users added to the machine and its encrypted.


      Now i wanted to make this machine by ePO managed.But,when i connect with epo server,machine is showing in the LOST&FOUND and users has been removed from the machine.


      Could anyone please suggest why users are removing from the machine after connecting to the ePO server ?


      Commands used for offline activation:


      EpeOaGenXml.exe --user-file userfile.txt --MatchUsername true --Sso true








      on 14/3/13 7:51:17 PM IST


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