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    MS Office failure with Anti Theft Software

      Having installed Anti-Theft software on Friday, I was dismayed to find that I could no longer open any MS Office application (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, etc) due to an issue with the MS Image and licencing. The result was that whenever I launched an MS product I was warned that the product licence could not be verified. Realising that this was caused by the Anti-Theft software I unistalled on Monday, thinking this would resolve my problems. Unfortuately it crashed during decryption and that was the end of my laptop and the start of my problems. I raised a case with Intel McAfee Support Ref No. 1044139789 and they said they would call back on Tuesday betwen 6-8pm. This was unacceptable so I took the decision on Monday night to rebuild my laptop and reinstall all my applications, which I completed by late afternoon Tuesday. This restored my machine to its state before I install Anti-Theft, apart from MS  Outlook, where my latest backed up outlook PST file was several weeks old so I have now lost all email in the last few weeks which I have sent to clients/suppliers/etc.


      At 6:30pm on Tuesday I recieved a call, which only provided the suggestion of re-installing Anti-Theft to see if this would then decrypt the files when I uninstalled. I was not happy to do this and was told there was no other way to achieve the decryption.


      Given that I have lost 2 days of work activity and have lost several weeks of emails I would like to know how McAfee intend to resolve this matter and recompense my business for the lost time and data.


      I look forward to your response.