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    Trojan Detected - Can't complete Backup

      Using McAfee Internet Security Suite v11.6, Win7 64Bit & Windows B/U.


      About 1/2 way thru b/u get message that the trojan is in a shared folder & can't be removed. It does NOT show up when drive scanned.



      Detected Artemis!35522713A9DE (Trojan)

      Quarantined from \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy32\Users\***\Downloads\setup (1).exe  (Which BTW, was downloaded late last year & I have since deleted).


      I know how to change read only in Users\***\Downloads folder but have no idea how to find ShadowCopy32! A scan of my portable harddrive does not show the trojan nor can I find "ShadowCopy32." In the meantime I am unable to complete a backup as this error keeps occuring..


      All ideas appreciated.

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          Make sure all the files & folders are hidden How to enable hidden files & folders


          Open McAfee Console and click on Navigation

          Go to Security History and also go to quarantined items to confirm the location of the detected file


          Go to the location and check the detected file, if present delete it manually


          Perform a Quick Clean in McAfee and then run a McAfee Quick Scan to check the issue status

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            Thanks for quick response but --


            I do not have a problem accessing the quaranteed section of McAfee and could easily delete the problem file BUT I still do not know where "Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy32\Users\***\Downloads\setup (1).exe" can be found, a search has not located this. As mentioned above, I know how to access the "users" etc & already deleted the offending file. This did not solve the problem.


            So I still can't b/u my computer.

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              Suggested solution 1:


              Add the detected file in the McAfee scan exclusion list

              Restart the computer

              Check you are getting the error


              Suggested solution 2:


              Open Run box and type services.msc and click on OK

              In the Services windows check for volume shadow copy then check it is started and automatic

              If not, then make it start and automatic

              Restart the PC

              Check with the issue


              Suggested solution 3:


              Perform a Clean Boot by following the steps given in the below Microsoft link


              check with the issue

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                Still no joy.


                Suggested Solution1: I could not exclude the file as this only exists in the shadow copy; I deleted the file when this error originally occurred.


                Suggested Solution 2: Indeed the shadow copy was set to manual; I changed this to automatic & it was already set to start. Restarted pc, ran backup & got same error message.


                Suggested Solution 3: I did a clean boot, tried backup & got a different error message:


                "Windows Backup failed while trying to read from the shadow copy on one of the volumes being backed up. Please check in the event logs for any relevant errors."


                I am really frustrated but do appreciate your assistance.

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                  I have searched through the windows forums & Microsoft forums and found the below links. It has many workarounds to try on.





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                    Thanks for the links. I read through & tried several ideas finally giving up & suspending file scanning during backup. That worked & I completed a backup. In the meantime I have purchased an imaging product & plan to install & use it this evening.

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                      Thanks for the information !! kindly post back if any issues