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    Mcafee Agent program interference


      I have an MFC application that opens a few multicast addresses and displays data received on those sockets.

      The application runs on both Windows 7 and XP without issue.


      Installing McAfee Agent 4.6 causes the program to stop displaying the information on both Win7 and XP.

      Uninstalling the Agent allows the program to function normally again.


      No other products were installed, only the agent.

      The program still opens the sockets according to netstat -a but no data is displayed.

      Wireshark shows the packets still arriving on the correct multicast ports.


      Any ideas?

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          Are you certain you have nothing else installed except the Agent? No Virus Scan? No Host IPS? The McAfee Agent by itself should not have anything within it that would cause those issues. Is this application you are using publicly available?

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            Yes, on the XP and Server 2008 boxes we had multiple point products installed but we removed them one by one to see if the problem went away. The Win7 box only ever had the agent and antivirus and it displayed the same behavior. The only thing left on all three boxes is the agent and the problem still exists.

            The program is not publicly available, all it does is listen on one multicast address and then re-encapsulate and send out the payload on a different multicast address and display statistics on the gui.