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    Reinstallation of EPO

      Hi, recently we ran in to some problems on the server (server 2003) that runs and hosts the mcafee epo (v4.5), to cut a long story short the sql instance with the mcafee database on got uninstalled.


      It was managing around 50 computers that all have VSE 8.7 running We have just installed some new 2008 servers, and wondering if

      - it would be of benefit to now have the epo on a server 2008 platform?

      - if a newer version of the EPO could just be installed from fresh again and it would pick all of the computers up on the domain that have the VSE installed? Id like to get the experience of installing and configuring the epo from a fresh installation

      - how do clients react if they lose contact to the central EPO? do they attempt to update their dats individually from the web?


      thanks in advance.

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          1) yes it would be a benefit to re-install on 2008, if just for the sake of being straight an operational on a up-to-date server


          2) You can do this a couple of different way's, one of them is sync with AD and deploy agent on system that is discovered. Or you could deploy the agent any other way you pl ease. It will not pick from nothing that the workstation have VS install, you have to install the agent one way or the other. Once the agent is install, and talking to the server, from there the workstation are managed throught the epo server.


          3) it depends on how the policy for the update was set. It's totaly possible that they update on the internet if the server is unavailable. Again this is an configuration option.


          i would suggest to install a fresh epo server and deploy the agent to all worksation ( 50 is not much ) and take this oppotunity to put workstaion on 8.8 with policy configure per best practice. Documentation to do this is easly found in the documentation section.