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    Altiris Inventory Solution AMINIT32.dll error with ODS on VSE8.8




      We currently have issues regarding the combination of VSE 8.8 patch 2 and an .dll of Symantec (Altiris Inventory Solution).

      When the affected laptops/desktop run an ODS of a file for instance, they get the following error.


      After this, the following appears:


      and everything works as it should be. There seems to be an issue with this .dll.

      It has something to do with the .dll not being signed by Symantec.


      If talked to McAfee support and they stated that the .dll needs to be signed by Symantec.

      As this seems to be impossible to get Symantec to send the .dll i was thinking maybe you guys have a solution for the problem??


      As i think Altiris software is used by millions of people, are there any people out there who have the same problem and have a workaround for this issue. Without requiring the signed .dll from Symantec.


      NOTE: I also read the following KB73521 on this issue, but am not considering disabling the Common Standard Protection rule.


      Thanks in advance for the response