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    trojan detected but no location given Artemis!16F81B56A0A6

      McAfee says it has detected a trojan but doesn't give the location or file information of the suspected trojan. How can I find it out?

      THe actual message is as follows:


      Trojan Detected

      McAfee has detected an infected item in a shared folder on your network. To remove the threat, right-click the folder, change its properties to allow full acess, and then click Scan.


      About This Trojan

      Detected: Artemis!16F81B56A0A6 (Trojan)

      Quarintined From:



      We can not remove a Trojan while the infected file is in a shared folder on your network. Allowing full access to the folder frees up the infected file allowing McAfee to fix the issue.



      I don't have any shared folders on my computer and would like to see the file or culprit before McAfee does anything with it. Any ideas on the subject?


      Thanks in Advance




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