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    Restore Quarantine files

      I have a problem. McAfee moved a large number of photos that I had scanned as part of a DVD project I was creating under Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Elements and placed them in a Quarantine file. The file is C:\ProgramData\McAfee|virusScan\Quarantine. When they did this McAfee changed the fileextension from .jpg to .BUP. I can not figure out how to move these pictures back into my Pictures file in microsoft Vista.  Does anyone know how to get these photo file out of Quarantine?  HELP!!

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          Open McAfee Console

          Go to Navigation (top right corner of the screen)

          Open Quarantined and Trusted items

          Open Quarantined Items / Quarantined potentially unwanted  programs

          Restore your pictures


          If you run a McAfee scan next time there are possibilities the files will be quarantined again.  So add these files in the exclusion list under Scanning settings and then run McAfee scan


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            I got your PM. Could you please take a screen shot of the .BUP files present in the quarantine location and post it here