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    upgrade VSE by EPO console... some interrogations




      this morning, i saw in my dashboard, an upgrade of VSE.

      I have many questions:


      - For VSE i have 3 upgrade availables:si i upgraded Install - Windows (Patch 3) and Management Extension without any problem, but i still have Patch 3 which i still have in "red" But in my opinion , it's not nécessary if i upgraded Install - Windows (Patch 3), no ?

      - i see that in the software manager, i have 3 lines for "patch 3" but i conot suppress the unused lines...


      - i modified my task with VSE but if i try an upgrade client manually (a W7 or XP, i have an error with no details) / On a fresh install  the task is executing, but i still in the older version:

      I see that the patch 3 is only for w8 or w2012, and if it is deployed on an older version of windows, it applies the patch 2.

      My question is patch 2 stays at ? And is only patch 3 ?





      Thanks for your help